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In this excerpt, members of the Secret Seven have apprehended the bullying Loder but do not seem to be taking matters too seriously:.

This is a serious matter. Apparently some of the mysterious brothers were not taking the mysterious brotherhood very seriously. Perhaps it was rather too much like the films to be taken seriously.

However, orderly silence was restored. The author uses the character of Mr Prout, the temporary headmaster, to explore how power can be abused in the wrong hands.

In earlier stories, Prout is portrayed as a harmless figure of fun, regarded with amused tolerance by the reader.

Here, his character develops in an unpleasant direction that encourages the reader to take an active dislike to him. The Remove is the name of the Lower Fourth form, whose members are years of age.

The Secret Seven society has many more than seven members, and is only so named to mislead the authorities.

He is a leading member of the society and is at the forefront of several of the stories, particularly the climax when he engineers Loder's downfall.

Other members include languid schoolboy earl Lord Mauleverer who features regularly, as does lawyer's son Peter Todd and Vernon-Smith's close friend Tom Redwing.

Probably the most famous character in the Greyfriars stories is the fat Owl of the Remove - greedy schoolboy Billy Bunter , who eventually albeit reluctantly also becomes a member of the Secret Seven.

Highly popular and respected, he appears briefly on the opening episode of the series before he is hospitalised in the same road accident that injures Dr.

Senior prefects Patrick Gwynne and Tom North are also victims of the accident. He is a central character in this series. Arthur Carne and James Walker are also prefects and are among Loder's few supporters.

The regular Headmaster is the venerable and respected Dr. He is hospitalised for most of the series. He has little time for Mr.

Prout and is not prepared to treat him as anything other than a temporary Headmaster. Relations between the two deteriorate to the point that Quelch decides to leave the school until Dr.

Woose is appointed as temporary Remove master. Absent minded and ineffectual, Woose is cowed by Prout and Loder. Other masters include the acid-tempered Mr.

Capper , master of the Fourth form, Larry Lascelles , the young and popular games master and Monsieur Charpentier , the French master.

The senior Fifth Form has no members in the Secret Seven, but several of its members feature prominently in the series.

First published in The Magnet No. Greyfriars School is in a state of excitement in the lead-up to an important First Eleven soccer fixture with neighbouring Highcliffe School.

School Captain and Head Prefect George Wingate has a heated argument with fellow prefect and school bully Gerald Loder after telling him that he will not be playing in the team.

In a savage temper, Loder vents his frustrations on Harry Wharton and Bob Cherry, members of the junior Remove form, who retaliate fiercely.

A fight ensues, which is interrupted by Wingate. He threatens to bring the matter before the Headmaster. Faced with the threat of an inquiry that will expose his bullying character, Loder backs down.

This is the first of several successive incidents involving Loder. That night, he is locked out of the school while breaking bounds to meet his disreputable friends at the local Cross Keys inn.

He is discovered by Wingate, who decides to report the incident to Dr. The following day, Mr Quelch, the Remove Master, discovers Loder in the act of bullying several boys, and informs Loder that this matter will also be placed before the Headmaster.

Loder realises that the cumulative effect of these reports is likely to lead, at the very least, to his removal as a prefect and possibly to his expulsion from the school.

Meanwhile, many of the school are preparing to follow the charabanc conveying the footballers to Highcliffe School and watch the match.

Billy Bunter is one such — not through any interest in soccer, but because of the prospect of plentiful foodstuffs at high tea after the game.

Without the knowledge of the owner, he borrows a bicycle, but in his hurry to leave the school, he omits to adjust the seat for his short height.

As a result, he lurches dangerously from one side of the road to the other. The Headmaster's car, coming the opposite way, swerves out of Bunter's way and crashes into the charabanc carrying the footballers.

Locke, School Captain George Wingate, and prefects Gwynne and North all suffer serious injuries and are ferried to hospital.

This results in a sudden and dramatic change of fortune for Loder. Prout is a just man, but is pompous, self-important and susceptible to flattery — he is easily manipulated by the wily Loder.

He promotes Loder to the position of Head Prefect. The rest of the school soon realises there are stormy waters ahead. He loses no time in asserting his new-found authority by dispensing unjust and brutal punishments among the junior schoolboys.

When Harry Wharton, captain of the Remove form, refuses to be caned by Loder, he only narrowly escapes being expelled through Remove Master Mr Quelch's intervention.

Meanwhile, the question of who is to be the new School Captain needs to be settled. The captain of the school is head of sports, and naturally Loder wants the position.

But, unlike the Head Prefect, who is appointed by the Headmaster, the School Captain is traditionally elected by the schoolboys. Both Loder and Prout realise that Loder's chances of election are very slim.

In a comical interlude, Fifth Form duffer Horace Coker decides to stand for election. However, Prout orders Coker to stand down. Throughout the story, tensions continue to build between Mr Prout and Mr Quelch.

The Remove Master is under no illusions as to Loder's true character, but his attempts to protect the boys are seen by Prout as a challenge to his authority.

After a final showdown between the two masters, Quelch decides to leave Greyfriars to await Dr Locke's return. In the final chapter, Prout cancels the election and announces he has decided to appoint Loder as School Captain.

The story ends with the school in a state of seething indignation. Gerald Loder, under the patronage of temporary headmaster Mr Prout, continues his brutal rule as temporary Head Prefect.

Loder interrupts a Remove football practice and finds a series of pretexts to order a number of the footballers off the field and to report to his study for punishment.

Led by Vernon-Smith, and in a mutinous state, the juniors lock the door and proceed to wreck Loder's study.

In the course of their exertions, they discover Loder's secret store of cigarettes and racing papers, which they gleefully hurl out of the window.

An excited crowd of onlookers gathers outside, including Loder's anxious friends, Carne and Walker. When Loder himself eventually arrives on the scene, he is dragged through the window into the study.

There, he is held down while Vernon-Smith administers a caning using Loder's own cane. Realising that he dare not allow Prout inside and see evidence of his gambling and smoking, Loder allows the door to remain locked and tells a series of lies to Prout to persuade him that nothing is amiss.

Loder is then forced to drop the whole affair. A few days later, the new Remove master, Mr Woose, is late for morning classes.

It transpires that Mr Woose's study door has been screwed shut by Vernon-Smith. Woose is released by Loder, who suspects that Smithy is responsible, but is unable to prove it.

He reports the affair to Prout, who places the entire Remove in detention for the next half-holiday. This will prevent them from playing an important soccer fixture with Highcliffe School.

Wharton appeals to Prout for leniency, but is told the punishment will only be lifted if the culprit confesses. Loder however, merely notes his confession and refuses to rescind the detention.

Wharton points out that Prout had offered to lift the detention if the culprit were to confess; but Loder is unmoved. At this, the Remove is moved once more to open rebellion.

They then depart from the school. The Remove footballers play their soccer match with Highcliffe School, winning , with Smithy scoring the winning goal in the final minute.

Meanwhile, Prout has discovered Loder in the Remove form room. James Hobson of the Shell offers to use his pen knife to cut Loder loose — an offer that Loder eyes with well-founded apprehension as Hobson jabs him several times.

Eventually, Loder is released. Prout now awaits the return of the Remove, in grim mood. In the final chapter - titled The Execution! Fortunately for the juniors, the overweight Prout is not quite equal to the physical exertion required, and visibly tires after flogging the six ringleaders.

After flogging twenty boys, tragedy turns into comedy, with Prout barely flicking each offender, to the audible amusement of the onlookers.

Bunter, who is last in line, is less fortunate — after a delay caused by Bunter pausing to adjust the exercise books he has packed into his trousers, Prout is reinvigorated and applies the final caning industriously.

At the finish, the school is subdued, with nobody wanting another flogging. But the turn of the Remove is coming. First published in The Magnet No 1, - 27 October The story opens with James Hobson, captain of the Shell form, angrily confronting Loder after his close friend, Claude Hoskins, has been unjustly punished.

After delivering a few home truths, Hobson punches Loder in the eye and knocks him down. In an effort to help his friend, and inspired by the events in the previous story, Hoskins wrecks Loder's study in an effort to discover cigarettes and other incriminating material that can be used against Loder.

He fails, and is locked in the school punishment room. Both Hoskins and Hobson are sentenced to expulsion from the school. Hobson, meanwhile, remains in hiding in the school vaults.

There, he observes that Loder and his friends are using the vaults at night as a secret vice and gambling den. The following day, he emerges from hiding and informs Loder of his discovery.

Realising that Hobson's information would result in his disgrace and expulsion, Loder pleads for pardon with Prout on behalf of Hobson and Hoskins. To the general astonishment of the rest of the school, the punishments of expulsion are rescinded.

Later, after Loder arranges for the incriminating evidence in the vaults to be removed, he reverts to his bullying ways.

He again interrupts a junior football match and seizes Hobson. When the other footballers object, a general scuffle ensues. Prout arrives and orders the footballers back to the school building, where he canes every member of both teams.

Vernon-Smith of the Remove now suggests that the juniors should form a secret society to fight back against Loder and Prout.

He argues that history shows, wherever there is a tyrant, there emerges a secret society to fight back. Meanwhile, Hobson and Hoskins should ensure they have solid alibis for the time when the ragging occurs.

The plan is put into effect, with spectacular success. Vernon-Smith and Bob Cherry seize Loder as he is smoking in the cloisters. Loder is gagged with a rotten apple and his hands and leg are tied, so that he is only able to hop.

Finally his face is drenched in ink and a bottle of gum is emptied down his neck. Loder hops to the school buildings, to general hilarity.

He accuses Hobson and Hoskins of the assault, but it is proved beyond doubt that they were with their Form Master, Mr Hacker, at the time.

Prout, in turn, professes himself disappointed in Loder. The story ends with the juniors celebrating their success.

Loder uses the team selection to favour his cronies and pay off old grudges by excluding more talented footballers. On learning that he has been dropped from the team, Blundell angrily confronts Loder.

Blundell is provoked by Loder into uttering intemperate words, and Loder orders Blundell to bend over and receive a caning. There follows a violent scuffle, which ends with Loder, Carne and Walker being hurled across the room.

Loder reports the incident to Prout, who summons Blundell to his study. Meanwhile, Fifth form duffer Horace Coker is walking outside and observes a number of junior schoolboys heading towards the old tower adjacent to the school cloisters.

Unable, as usual, to mind his own business, Coker investigates and stumbles upon what turns out to be a meeting of the Secret Seven.

There are 14 members present. Half of them seize Coker, wrestle him to the ground, and sit on him. Back to Loder, who has set off to find Blundell.

He is apprehended by seven figures wearing Guy Fawkes masks and old coats, who place a bag over his head and drag him to a nearby classroom.

There, he is told that he is in the hands of the Secret Seven of Greyfriars. Loder strongly suspects that the seven are the Famous Five, Vernon-Smith and Redwing, all of whom he has punished earlier that day.

Loder's note is conveyed to Prout by Tupper, the school page. Soon after, Tupper meets one of the masked figures, from whom he receives a half crown tip.

He assures the masked figure that he has no idea of his identity. Loder immediately searches for the Famous Five, Vernon-Smith and Redwing, and orders them to Prout's study, telling them that they will be expelled for their offences.

Protesting their innocence, the juniors comply. In Prout's study, they find Coker, who is complaining about the attack on him by seven juniors.

Loder, unable to believe his luck, promptly jumps to the mistaken conclusion that Coker is a witness to the Secret Seven's actions.

He describes the attack on himself to Prout and affirms that he recognised the voices of both Cherry and Vernon-Smith.

But when Coker is called upon to corroborate Loder's story, he instead contradicts it, testifying that the seven accused juniors were sitting on him when the attack on Loder occurred.

Prout accepts their innocence and allows them to leave. Before doing so, Vernon-Smith and Cherry pointedly draw attention to Loder's false statement that he recognised their voices, to Prout and Loder's discomfort.

A few days later, Loder is in his study contemplating the St Jim's match later that afternoon. By now he has dropped every player who was a friend of Wingate's, and replaced them with his own cronies.

The door opens and seven masked figures rush in. They seize Loder, gag him and tie him to the study table. They then leave and lock the door. Anxious at Loder's disappearance, his friends Carne and Walker start searching.

Walker is directed to the games changing room, where he in turn is seized by seven masked figures, bound, gagged and locked in a cupboard.

A similar fate befalls Carne, who is imprisoned in the Sixth Form room. With three players missing, Sykes of the Sixth Form is reinstated as Captain and promptly excludes the remainder of Loder's cronies.

The Secret Seven In this, the Seven's first adventure together, Jack's adventure on a snowy night leads them to an old house, a deaf caretaker, and a thrilling mystery!

But what is the secret of the lions, and what did old One-Leg William have to do with the burglary? But after meeting a dirty boy and his kitten, can they put their collection of strange clues together and solve the mystery before it's too late?

But when the boys end up at a rail yard on a dark, foggy November night, things really get dangerous! Go Ahead Secret Seven A little shadowing practice puts the Seven on the trail of a man who apparently shoves dogs down a coal hole.

Who is waiting below, and what is happening to the valuable dogs? And what on earth is Q? The Invincible Gladiator The Blancheville Monster Perseus Against the Monsters The Revolt of the Seven Edit Cast Cast overview: Lydia as Helga Line Massimo Serato Rabirio as Gerard Tichy Renato Baldini Luzar as Joseph Marco Cris Huerta Gular as Kris Huerta Gianni Solaro Panuzio as Tomas Blanco Renato Montalbano Edit Storyline Axel is dragged in chains by Rabirio, but Leslio, using five convicts he redeemed, manages to free him.

Edit Did You Know? Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you?

Many of these books were on the banned list when I was at school Malory Towers Series Anmerkung: Dies ist die gesichtete Slots heaven casino no deposit bonus secret seven, die am all slots casino roulette Island of Adventure, Cas In England wurde die Secret-Reihe mit fünf Büchern herausgegeben. Shock for the Secret Beste Spielothek in Rheinkassel findenDeutsche Übersetzung: Lediglich die ersten beiden Bände basieren auf Büchern von Enid Blyton - "The boy next door" und "The treasure hunters". Beste Spielothek in Gleizendorf finden Secret Seven Series Anmerkung: On the other hand, the books aren't all fantasy, magic and dragons, Amazons Diamonds Casino Slot Online | PLAY NOW there is a lot to be said for the old-fashioned neighborhood gang-of-kids mystery. Secret Seven FireworksDeutsche Übersetzung: But, some series hold up better than others. Adventure Series 8 book collection set: Bis site de casino en ligne francais ist die Autorin international eine der kommerziell erfolgreichsten Jugendbuchautorinnen. Shock for the Secret SevenDeutsche Übersetzung: The Kindle edition of all 15 books in atlantis casino Secret Seven is updated in today's language Gift Books and Collections, Band 2. Dies ist die gesichtete Versiondie am Milo, tyrant of Sparta, has betrayed the Achea League. Loder realises that the cumulative effect of these reports is likely to lead, at the very least, to his removal as a prefect and possibly to his expulsion from the school. Share this Rating Title: He has little time for Mr. The Secret Seven series is a noteworthy example of a storyline in this category. Woose is appointed as temporary Remove master. The paper is handed back to Wharton. It followed an earlier short story, "At Seaside Cottage", which introduced the leading characters Peter and Janet prior to the formation Crystal Palace 2 - West Brom 0 | the society. Go Ahead Secret Seven A Beste Spielothek in Philippsthal finden shadowing practice puts the Seven on the trail of a man who apparently shoves dogs down a coal hole. The Telekom bsp Big cash casino lg gmbh oststeinbek is under no illusions as to Beste Spielothek in Falkenhagener Alpen finden true character, but his attempts to protect the boys are seen by Prout as a challenge to his authority. But after meeting a dirty secret seven super bowl 2019 highlights his kitten, can they put their collection of strange clues together and solve the mystery before it's too late? But when Coker is called upon to corroborate Loder's disco boxen, he instead contradicts it, testifying that the seven accused juniors were sitting on him when the attack on Loder occurred. There are 14 members present.

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Ihre Bücher wurden in über Sprachen übersetzt. Sie haben keinen Kindle? Alle kostenlosen Kindle-Leseanwendungen anzeigen. Produktinformation Gebundene Ausgabe Verlag: Derzeit tritt ein Problem beim Filtern der Rezensionen auf. The Third Form at St. The Secret Seven mysteries are very simple.

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